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Big Bit was formed in May 2011 with the goal of producing high quality, innovative titles on digital platforms.

Headed up by key members of the Black Rock Studio leadership team, who had worked on award winning titles such as Split/Second and Pure on Xbox 360 and PS3, Big Bit has continuously brought console production values and innovative game mechanics to a variety of products.


Our core in-house team is comprised of experts in many fields, including rendering, gameplay, networking and infrastructure. When necessary we use our extensive network of world class talent to bring in experts in other areas to augment the studio’s abilities even further.

Primarily using Unity as our pipeline, we’ve experience of all the major consoles, PC and mobile devices and are well equipped to focus on quality and fun from the off.
We strongly believe in rapid prototyping and user feedback to deliver the most enjoyable and immersive experiences possible.


Big Bit is based in Brighton UK, an area rich with video game development talent and an unrivaled creative vibe.

Our studio is located in the Sussex Innovation Centre, just across the road from the AMEX Stadium, surrounded by the beautiful countryside in the South Downs. Brighton itself is just a ten minute train or car ride away, with an unbeatable mix of eclectic boutique shops, vibrant nightlife, and countless local beauty spots and places of interest.



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Big Bit Ltd
Sussex Innovation Centre
Science Park Square
East Sussex BN1 9SB
United Kingdom


+44 (0)1273 704536