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At Big Bit we work on a variety of genres, platforms and play styles, creating the toys of the future, bringing old classics to a new generation, and producing new experiences built on our AAA console credentials.
The common goal across all our games is to deliver memorable experiences with the highest production values, whatever the platform, subject or target audience.

Race Team Manager

In Race Team Manager you live the life of an up-and-coming team boss across various racing categories. Work your way up from the junior leagues to the pinnacle of motor sport and become a championship winning team!

  • Race Day - overtakes, spectacular crashes, pit stops and blocks are all fully interactive.
  • Management - Decide when and how to upgrade your car, and manage your driver and mechanic relationships.
  • Experience - Whether you’ve got a couple of minutes or hours to spare there are races to be won and management decisions to be made.

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The world is under attack from mysterious humanoid constructs. Towers is a fast paced, vertigo inducing arcade driving experience set in a dynamic world, alive under physics.

Strange orbs appear in the sky, emanating a force so devastating that even the largest and heaviest man-made structures are torn from the ground and levitate towards them. Forming giant humanoid figures these mechanical creatures threaten this peaceful world’s very existence.

You assume the role of saving the world from these giant mechanical Towers. Pilot small and nimble buggies up, over and through these precarious constructs high up into the sky and tackle the energy orbs directly, the hopes and expectations of the world resting on your shoulders.

Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk Shred Session brings classic trick-based action to the mobile platform, mixing contemporary game mechanics and play patterns with the unmistakable look and feel of a Tony Hawk game.

Featuring an intuitive control system designed specifically for touch screen devices, THSS introduces an exciting and accessible way for both the newcomers and diehard skate fans to pull off awesome tricks. Performing a single trick is easy, depth comes from learning how and when to link tricks together. This system forms the backbone of the two distinctive play modes, Endless Play and Challenge Parks.

Hollyoaks the Game

Become the newest resident of Hollyoaks village!

Make friends, unlock new locations and get texts, pics and voicemail from your fave 'Oaksy characters.

Breakfast with Sienna, jogging with Ziggy, searching for Jack’s lederhosen, and ghost-hunting with Tom... it’s all in a day’s work! But keep your wits about you, because not everything’s as it seems in the village. There’s a thief on the loose and with Nana’s pearls missing, the residents will turn to you for help.

As the mystery deepens and those closest to you become suspects, you’ll find yourself in a race against time to work out who the real culprit is.

The Snowman and the Snowdog

Take control of The Snowman and The Snowdog as they fly across the UK on a magical journey to the North Pole in this gentle endless runner style game.

  • Dress up your own snowman with over 80 costume outfits!
  • Festive fun for all the family!
  • Stunning panoramic airborne views featuring recognisable landmarks as you travel across the country

Ariel’s Musical Surprise

Dive into the undersea world of Ariel with Ariel’s Musical Surprise!

  • Explore her magical treasure cave and discover a world of hidden surprises.
  • Color the fish and teach them to sing, and then conduct a concert with your undersea band.
  • And, when you use the app with the DreamPlay enabled Little Mermaid toys, the magical transformation happens, as it appears to bring Ariel’s world into yours!

Re-Volt Classic

Race radio-controlled cars through the neighborhood and beyond in the classic arcade racer Re-Volt! Fast paced, exciting driving, with explosive weapons and unique track designs deliver a larger than life racing experience like no other.

Re-Volt Classic brings the original PC and Dreamcast kart racer back to life with retina visuals, control methods tailored for touch devices and all the great gameplay that made the title such a fan favorite when it was originally released.

Apptivity: Imaginext

  • Bring Imaginext® adventures to life even more with your iPad® and the Imaginext® Apptivity™ Fortress! (sold separately).
  • Trolls look like they’re invading your living room! Kids can defend their fortress by using 3D fun with your iPad® camera!
  • Unlock secrets and games in every character’s room!
  • Clear screen helps protect your iPad®!
  • 2 ways to play - horizontal and vertical modes!
  • With two turrets, multiple levels, a door, a window and a moveable drawbridge, there’s plenty of hands-on play as well!

Apptivity: Barnyard

Bring Little People® adventures to life even more with your iPad® and the Little People® Apptivity™ Barnyard playset from Fisher-Price (sold separately).

Imaginations grow as kids explore life on the farm in lots of interactive ways!

The Little People™ Apptivity™ Barnyard App helps kids discover cause and effect, learn numbers and letters and have fun too! There’s a lot of animal play, fun sounds and music, and of course, the Little People® friends!

Apptivity: Hot Wheels

Toy meets tablet with the Apptivity™ Hot Wheels™ game! Simply fire up the app and place your Apptivity™ Hot Wheels™ vehicle on your iPad screen. Special contact points on the bottom of each vehicle allow the app to identify which car you are using, then the app can enable the custom features unique to that car.

When you play Apptivity™ Hot Wheels™, you’ll be joining the ranks of the most elite group of drivers in the world – Team Hot Wheels™! Take on multiple missions at the top secret HOT WHEELS TEST FACILITY™. Bash, crash, blast, and drift your way to the finish line and become the ultimate Team Hot Wheels™ driver!

Apptivity: Batman

Toy meets tablet™ with the Apptivity™ Batman™ game! Launch the app and place the base of your Apptivity™ Batman™ figure on your iPad screen. Special contact points on the bottom of each base allow the app to identify your figure.

When you play Apptivity™ Batman™, you’ll battle through waves of Bane’s brutal thugs in familiar GOTHAM CITY locations. Find out if you have what it takes to foil Bane’s evil plans!

Apptivity: WWE Rumblers

Toy meets tablet™ with the Apptivity™ WWE Rumblers® game! Simply fire up the app and place the base of your Apptivity™ WWE Rumblers® figure on your iPad screen. Special contact points on the bottom of each base allow the app to identify your figure and enable his signature moves.

When you play Apptivity™ WWE Rumblers®, you’ll be facing off against some of the most famous faces in WWE®. Find out if you have what it takes to go toe-to-toe with Superstars like John Cena®, The Rock®, Big Show® and Kane®!


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